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Volume-IX (Issue 3)


Title: Measurement of Specific Activities of Some Biological Samples for Some Iraq Governorates

Author's: Mahmood S. Karim

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 1 to 9

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Title: Coastal Wetland Ecosystems: The Example of Guadeloupe

Author's: Michelle DAHOME-DI RUGGIERO

Subject Area: Science (Geography)

Page No: 10 to 25

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Title: Study of the Landslides in the Lesser Antilles: The Plant Dynamics between the Trigger Factor and the Spatio-Temporal Risk Indicator

Author's: Lucie Peronet

Subject Area: Science (Geography)

Page No: 26 to 34

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Title: Geochemical Study of Ground Water Samples in Industrial Area in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Author's: Robin Sarkar, M.K.Gupta, Pradeep Parashar

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 35 to 40

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Title: An Experimental and Numerical Study the Performance of Finned liquid Cold-Plate with Different Operating Conditions

Author's: Raaid Rashad Jassem, Thamer Khalif Salem

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology (Mechanical)

Page No: 41 to 46

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Title: Measurement the Concentrations of Uranium in Human blood Using PM-355 Track Detector

Author's: Essam M. Rasheed

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 47 to 52

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Title: The stopping power of heavy ions in liquid water at low velocity

Author's: Taha M.Rashid, Riyahd K.Ahmed

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 53 to 56

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Title: Measuring the Effect of Mobile Phone Communication on the PC - Track Detector by using UV-visible and FTIR Spectroscopy

Author's: Hussain A. Al-Jobouri

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 57 to 63

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Title: Studies of Thermodynamic Parameters of Carbofuran on forest loam soil

Author's: Dhirendra Singh

Subject Area: Agriculture (Soil)

Page No: 64 to 67

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Title: Applications of Nanotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture Recent Developments, Challenges, and Perspectives

Author's: Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma

Subject Area: Agriculture (Animal science)

Page No: 68 to 71

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Title: Recent Development in Crop Science

Author's: Dr.Suman Kacholia & Dr.Manisha Chauhan

Subject Area: Science (Botany)

Page No: 72 to 76

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Title: Deposit Mobilisation By The Bank

Author's: Dr. Purushottam Kumar Joshi

Subject Area: Agricultural (Economics)

Page No: 77 to 78

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