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Volume-IX (Issue 1)


Title: Indoor Radon Concentration Measurement in Different Iraqi Radiation Locations

Author's: Ammar A. Battawy, Nada F. Tawfiq, Laith Ahmed Najam, Mohamad Suhaimi Jaafar, Iskandar Shahrim Mustafa

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 1 to 7

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Title: Image Analysis of Cr-39 and Cn-85 Detector Irradiated by Thermal Neutron

Author's: Hussain A. Al-Jobouri, Laith Ahmed Najam, Mustafa Y. Rajab

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 8 to 12

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Title: Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Degenerate Cu7Se4 and Non Degenerate InSe Thin Films

Author's: K.S. Urmila, T.A. Namitha and B. Pradeep Khatri

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 13 to 20

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Title: A Model for Automation of Subjective Assessment in Online Education

Author's: Deepnanda Ray, Piyali Chakraborty

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology

Page No: 21 to 28

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Title: Catalytic Effect of TiF3 on Hydrogenation Properties of MgH2

Author's: Mukesh Jangir, Reena Verma, Chhagan Lal, I.P.Jain

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 29 to 34

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Title: Kitchen Waste Composting: A Sustainable Waste Management Technique

Author's: Nitika Shukla & Shelja K. Juneja

Subject Area: Science (Environmental)

Page No: 35 to 37

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Title: Water Harvesting Check dams in Rainfed Regions A review article

Author's: Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta

Subject Area: Science (Agronomy)

Page No: 38 to 41

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Title: Breeding practices and Breeding management of dairy animalsPuberty age

Author's: Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma

Subject Area: Agriculture (Animal Science)

Page No: 42 to 47

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Title: Attitude of Beneficiaries Towards Trysem

Author's: Dr. Dilip Kumar Trivedi

Subject Area: Agriculture (Extension Education)

Page No: 48 to 51

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Title: Agroclimatic Zones of Rajasthan

Author's: Dr. Hanwant Singh Jaitawat

Subject Area: Agricultural (Economics)

Page No: 52 to 55

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Title: Importance of Azotobacter in Plant Growth

Author's: Dr. Bahadur Lal

Subject Area: Science (Soil)

Page No: 56 to 59

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Title: The Importance of the Carbon–Nitrogen Ratio in Composting

Author's: Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Singh

Subject Area: Agricultural (Biochemistry)

Page No: 60 to 61

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Title: Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Fruiting, Earliness and Yield

Author's: Dr. Satish Siyag

Subject Area: Science (Horticulture and Vegetable Crops)

Page No: 62 to 67

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