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Volume-VIII (Issue 1)


Title: Natural Radioactivity in Soil Samples For Selected Regions in Baghdad Governorate

Author's: Nada Fathil Tawfiq, Hazim Louis Mansour & Mahmood Salim Karim

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 1 to 7

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Title: In Vitro Study on Assessment of Petrol, Kerosene and Diesel Degrading Potential of Indigenous Fungal Isolates From Different Petroleum Product Effected Soils

Author's: Shamiyan R. Khan, Nirmal Kumar J.I., Rita N. Kumar & Jignasha G. Patel

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 8 to 15

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Title: Automated Load Distribution with Password Protected Circuit Breakers

Author's: Narendra Khandelwal, Tanuj Manglani, Ganpat Singh, Amit Kumar & Dilip Khatri

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology (Electrical Engineering)

Page No: 16 to 25

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Title: Fluoranthene and Acenaphthene Metabolism by Chlorella vulgaris Identity of Intermediates Formed During Degradation and Its Growth Effect

Author's: Miral S. Patel & K. K. Tiwari

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 26 to 33

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Title: Thickness Analysis of Lanthanum Doped Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 Thin Films

Author's: Vinika Manglani, T. C Bansal & Ashish Agnihotri

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 34 to 35

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Title: Advantages of applying Biotechnology in Agricultureand Drawbacks

Author's: Dhirendra Kumar Singh

Subject Area: Agricultural (Biochemistry)

Page No: 36 to 39

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Title: Green Feeding and High-QualityMilk Production in Cow & Buffaloes

Author's: Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma

Subject Area: Agriculture (Animal science)

Page No: 40 to 43

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Title: Water Harvesting Check dams in Rainfed Regions A review article

Author's: Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta

Subject Area: Science (Agronomy)

Page No: 44 to 47

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Title: Extent of adoption of new farm technology by the beneficiaries after the training programme

Author's: Dr. Dilip Kumar Trivedi

Subject Area: Agriculture (Extension Education)

Page No: 48 to 51

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Title: Effect of Soil Environment on Maize

Author's: Dr. Bahadur Lal

Subject Area: Science (Soil)

Page No: 52 to 55

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Title: A Brief Study About The Green Revolution

Author's: Dr.Suman Kacholia, Dr.Manisha Chauhan

Subject Area: Science (Botany)

Page No: 56 to 60

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Title: -A brief information about income expenditure pattern of Regional Rural Banks

Author's: Dr. Purushottam Kumar Joshi

Subject Area: Agricultural (Economics)

Page No: 61 to 63

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