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Volume-II (Issue 1)


Title: The Theory of Agency Applied to The Relationship Between Leader and Creditor

Author's: Chafik kammoun, Younes Boujelbene

Subject Area: Management

Page No: 1 to 9

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Title: Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of 1, 4- Diazepines from 7-Aminocephalosporanic Acid and Their Biological Activity

Author's: Shachi Sainger , Man Mohan Goyal and Ashutosh Sharma

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 10 TO 15

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Title: Preparation and Optical Properties of ZnTe/ZnTe:Cr Bilayer Thin Films

Author's: Dinesh C.Sharma, Subodh Srivastava, Y. K. Vijay, Y. K. Sharma

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 16 to 20

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Title: V.S Naipaul in the Line and Light of Colonial Culture

Author's: Sunil Pathak, SC Singh, Mukti Upadhyay, Laxmi Chaudhary

Subject Area: Humanities (English)

Page No: 21 to 29

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Title: Reduction of Distribution Losses by combined effect of Feeder Reconfiguration and Optimal Capacitor Placement

Author's: Sarfaraz Nawaz, Nikita Jhajharia , Tanuj Manglani

Subject Area: Engineering and Technology (Electrical)

Page No: 30 to 38

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Title: The Annealing Effect on the Optical and Electrical Properties Nanocrystalline CuIn3Se5 (OVC)

Author's: Neetu Sharma, Rimpy Shukla, Mukesh Jangir, I.P.Jain

Subject Area: Science (Physics)

Page No: 39 to 42

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Title: A Review on Solvency Margin in Indian Insurance Industries

Author's: Bhuvnesh Gour, M.C Gupta

Subject Area: Management

Page No: 43 to 47

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Title: The Effect of Advertising on Children and Adolescents - A Critical Appraisal

Author's: Abhay Upadhayay

Subject Area: Engineering & Technology (Computer Science)

Page No: 48 to 56

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Title: Creating Workforce to Achieve the Strategic Objective: Manpower Planning

Author's: M.L. Sharma

Subject Area: Commerce

Page No: 56 to 61

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Title: Accounting for Agriculture

Author's: R.S. Sharma

Subject Area: Commerce

Page No: 62 to 66

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