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Volume-X (Issue 1) - March 2017


Title: Characterization of Bufadienolides and Ferulic Acid Ester from Urginea Indica

Author's: Singh Vir Pal, Sharma Ashutosh, Parashar P.,Dobhal M.P.

Subject Area: Science

Page No: 1 to 5

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Title: Mathematical Pattern of Plasmon Surface Selection Rules According to DrudeModel

Author's: Raad A. Khamis,Hussam N. MohammedAli, Hayder A. Salih

Subject Area: Science

Page No: 6 to 10

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Title: Widespread Awareness about Quality in Education - WAQE Up India

Author's: Deepnanda Ray, Piyali Chakraborty, Pradipta Ray

Subject Area: Science

Page No: 11 to 18

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Title: Novel Synthesis of Some New Hydrazide- Hydrazones Containing Benzilic Acid Unit

Author's: Salim J. Mohammed, FatinG. Zuhair

Subject Area: Science

Page No: 19 to 24

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Title: Isolation and Characterization of New Compound from Zanthoxylumalatum

Author's: Virpal Singh,Sonal Dobhal,Mudit Gupta, P. Parasher, M.P. Dobhal

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 25 to 31

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Title: Synthesis, Characterization of Some New Benzilyl Hydrazones Derived from Benzilic Acid Hydrazide

Author's: Salim J. Mohammed, Fatin G. Zuhair

Subject Area: Science (Chemistry)

Page No: 32 to 37

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Title: Bacterial Response to Chromate Exposure - A Review

Author's: R.Mythri, V.Krishnamurthy, and Seema Tharannum

Subject Area: Science (Biotechnology)

Page No: 38 to 46

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Title: A Critical Analysis of Gainful Employment Generation For Youth in Tribal and Non-Tribal Areas of Udaipur Zone Through Trysem

Author's: Dr. Dilip Kumar Trivedi

Subject Area: Agriculture (Extension Education)

Page No: 47 to 50

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Title: Utilisation of agricultural by-products and feed refusal, dung and urinal wastage as a biofertilizers

Author's: Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma

Subject Area: Agriculture (Animal science)

Page No: 51 to 54

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Title: Impacts of Nitrogen Fixation in Crops

Author's: Dr. Bahadur Lal

Subject Area: Science (Soil)

Page No: 55 to 58

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Title: paper11-Recovery of Bank Loan

Author's: Dr. Purushottam Kumar Joshi

Subject Area: Agricultural (Economics)

Page No: 59 to 61

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Title: A Review on Government initiatives to improve the Air Quality and Efficient use of Electricity

Author's: Dr. Suman Kacholia, Dr. Manisha Chauhan, Dr. Ram Pal Ahrodia

Subject Area: Science (Botany)

Page No: 62 to 67

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